Nivea sensitive aftershave balm as a makeup primer

I have finely come to the end of this bottle. Took a year but at least I didn't waste it. 
So I guess I can say I have used it enough to give my views on the product. 
It not suitable for oily or combo skin! 

So this is my findings, yes when you first apply it it does feel good (and you do smell like men's aftershave) and you can feel the slight stickynes. This is perfect for the foundation to grab on and stay put. This is why this products has been raved about last year for being a perfect and cheap primer. HOWEVER, I am dry to normal skin. I have noticed that after few hours of foundation wear I get so shiny! So I can imagine this would be even worse for people who have normal, combo and oily skin. 
It was worth a try but nope, will not be purchasing again as a primer. 

Black gold 24k gold facial oil and millionair hair mist

The best for skin www.fatihasworld.com  #blackgold facial oil and best for hair @millionairehairmist 
The amazing duo for this summmer 
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Korean beauty products are the next big thing

Asia has always been known to be 10 steps ahead of the west when it comes to skin care. 
I have been fortunate enough to try the above which can be purchased from selfridges or simply check out their instagram handle below. 
@tonymolyuk seaweed mask sheet is perfect for purifying your skin. Makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea. 
@younique_corporate illuminate and clean facial cleanser made with horse chestnut ginkgo biloba and super leaf extracts, cleans your face and brightens your skin. It lifts any makeup and rises away  the clogged pores and dead skin. This will also moisturise your skin and nourish it. 
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Rose gold tear drop makeup brush www.eloisebeauty.com

Absolutely love seeing UK brands growing fast and so well. I remember I was lucky enough to try @eloisebeauty rose gold teardrop brush when it first came out. And yes I use it to this day. Now I get to carry my NEW @eloisebeauty mini tear drop brush in my makeup bag everywhere ❤️❤️ #makeupbrushes #minis #minibrush #teardrop #eloisebeauty #rosegold


The perfect no makeup makeup essential

The perfect #makeupfree look using MAC products, ready for summer. Achieve a "I woke up like this, no makeup makeup look" 
1) next to nothing foundation 
2) painterly paint pot 
3) studio fix perfecting stick 
4) gold deposit skinfinish 
5) red chestnut brow gel set
6) prep and prime lip 
7) dusky rose 9x palette 
8) fix plus 
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Bengal and Bengali

When the 2 best are next to each other 😍 
#Bengal lashes by @shopfatihasworld with #Bengali nail polish by @louboutinworld 
Available from www.fatihasworld.com 
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Best highlighter dupe for Anastasia ABH

You will not guess who got a pretty good dupe out for a highlight palette 🤔
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The new famous pink setting powder

@katvondbeauty 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 yaasssss for anyone who loves matte full coverage foundation then this is the one ☝️. Use @shopfatihasworld PINK setting powder to give you a bright fresh look. Powder so fine it melts away leaving a beautiful finish ❤️
Available from www.fatihasworld.com 
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The best facial oil in the market

Black Gold Nourishing Facial Oil 🔸Omega 3 acids – Hydrates, moisturises & lubricates skin. Promotes supple, soft and smooth skin. Heals parched & chapped skin.
🔸B-Vitamins – For younger-looking skin. Increases production of ceramides & fatty acids. Boosts skin’s hydration. Reduces inflammation.
🔸Vitamin C – Provides sun protection. Stimulates collagen synthesis. Improves skin tone & texture. Reduces the appearance of dark spots. Delays fine lines & wrinkles.
🔸Zinc – Fights acne. Treats minor skin irritations and infections. Treats dry itchy and flaky skin.
🔸Calcium – Provide anti aging skin benefits. 🔸Antioxidant protection from UV damage. Maintains lipid barrier function. Boost cells renewal.
🔸Potassium – Promotes healthy hydrated & moisturized skin.

Available at www.fatihasworld.com


Yasmine Alom Makeup Masterclass

May 21st 2017 was a big day. For the first time i conducted my independent makeup master class. The class took place at Haute Elan and organised by modest fashion london and project managed by Narjic  . The class had 12 attendees out of 15. i deliberately wanted an intimate setting as it was set in a boutique so there was limited space to work with. it was perfect as it gave me a chance to spread out my pani puri stand and also a photobooth.

Snapbox was invited to set up a photobooth for all the staff and attendees to take pictures at the end with their attendance certificates and have them printed to take home with them. they have been so kind to even bring me my own personalised glass bottles of water for everyone. 
with my sister fatihas and bubbles 

my masterclass was planned to get theory work and visual learning for my students. the first half was going through everything from face shapes, eye shades, brows, undertones, contouring, bronzers and blush placement. alongside talking about the colour wheel. 

my model did an amazing job and we covered 3 looks. all starting from the basic everyday yet flawless and then built it up to a smokey look and then a creative floating cut crease. 

the masterclass was a successful event and one that left me feeling wanting to do more around the UK. so watch this space 
photography by photography_kkh